20th Century Art Gallery represents Soviet and modern Russia periods fine arts. Significant part of the collection consists of Russian realism-oriented artists. The collection includes a wide range of top tier Merited artists, whose artworks adorn main Russian museums and foreign galleries, such as Tretyakov Gallery and Russian Museum. 

Amongst others 20th century masters, you may find art pieces of I.M. Varichev, E.Y. Virgikovski, N.N. Galakhov, M.K Kopitzeva, Y.P. Kugach, A.P. Levitin, O.L. Lomakin, V.V. Nabatov, N.N Repin, V.M. Sidorov, N.A. Sysoev, S.P and A.P Tkachev. Gallery actively works with modern authors – successors of realism academic traditions – mostly alumnus of Repin and Surokov Academies of Fine arts.